We offer tours with kayaks on Studen Kladenets Reservoir. Price: 60 BGN per person for groups of 5 or more people. For up to 4 people the price is 300 BGN for the whole group. For groups that are more than 19 persons, but you have to book at least two days before the tour. The price includes: full kayak equipment and a guide. Our guides are professional lifeguards. The adventure is suitable for children over 8 years. Children aged 8 to 14 years get a 50% discount.

The tour starts with a two-seater kayak from the wall of the Studen Kladenets Reservoir. The length of the tour is 15 km, which is about 4 hours of paddling. The total duration with the briefing and all of the rest stops, is about 5 hours.

This adventure is suitable for resilient people. The route begins and ends at the wall of the Studen Kladenets Reservoir. Each boat is supplied with binoculars to help participants observe not only birds, but also fallow deer who graze along the shore. We will stop at several very beautiful spots from which we will observe the nesting vultures by scope. The purpose of the tour is to reach a secret waterfall, which is a real gem worth seeing. Our tour guides are familiar with the biodiversity in the region, gifted with an excellent sense of humor.